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The Department of Nurse Anesthesia extended its graduate program in 2009 to the residents of Roanoke, Virginia and the surrounding area in partnership with Carilion Clinic. The Department provides its full curriculum through distance technologies including two-way video conferencing, desk-top sharing, web-casting and web-based tools; as well as, through face-to-face instruction. Both the MSNA and DNAP programs are accessible on this campus.

Carilion Clinic Riverside Building 3, Roanoke Campus Classroom Roanoke Higher Education Center

Didactic Curriculum
All didactic hours of the current MSNA and DNAP program are delivered via two-way synchronous telecommunications technology to the Roanoke Campus Classroom located in the Roanoke Higher Education Center in Downtown Roanoke.  Students in Roanoke take classes simultaneously with the Richmond campus students as well as with the Abingdon Campus and Northern Virginia students. Our didactic curriculum is presented via video conferencing technology enhanced with desktop sharing. This allows students and faculty in Roanoke to see, and speak with the students and faculty at other campuses live. A Web-Casting feature allows all lectures to be archived thus enabling students both remote and local to review them at a later time from any location with internet access.

Roanoke Campus ClassroomRoanoke Campus Classroom


Our faculty routinely travel to Roanoke, Virginia to deliver lectures, to meet with students, and to visit clinical affiliates. Additionally, dedicated clinical and teaching faculty in the region deliver on-site lectures that are broadcast to the sister distance sites and the central Richmond campus.

Roanoke Campus Faculty
The Board of Visitors of Virginia Commonwealth University has appointed faculty who live in the region to include:

Roanoke Campus Manager
Maria Hirsch, MS, DNAP, CRNA, Clinical Assistant Professor, VCU, Department of Nurse Anesthesia
Director of Anesthesia Services for Carilion Clinic, Manager, Carilion Professional Services

Roanoke Campus Coordinator
Gary Hahn, CRNA, Clinical Instructor, VCU, Department of Nurse Anesthesia

Laboratory Experiences

The Carilion Clinic Center for Experiential Learning provides basic and advanced simulated laboratory experiences for the Roanoke Campus Students. The Center houses state-of-the art equipment to include a full body, high-fidelity human simulator, an anesthesia machine, ultrasound training equipment, vascular access training devices and various anatomical models.

Roanoke Campus Clinical Hospital Affiliations
To provide a broad array of clinical experiences for the Roanoke student cohort, the department has established clinical site placements in the Roanoke Virginia region that range from a Level I trauma center to a small rural 25 bed hospital. Clinical affiliates include: Bedford Memorial Hospital, Blue Ridge Surgery Center, Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital, Carilion Giles Memorial Hospital, Lewis-Gale Hospital, Montgomery Regional Hospital, Carilion New River Valley Medical Center, Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, and the Salem VA Medical Center.

Class of 2013

Roanoke Class of 2013

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