Virginia Commonwealth University

OTCAS Application Process

All applications for the Entry-Level Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MSOT)program are submitted online directly through OTCAS and the VCU Graduate Admissions online application. The entire process will be web-based.

OT Centralized Application Service (OTCAS) :

  • All applicants need to supply the following information to OTCAS
  • biographic, background, and personal information
  • activities, accomplishments and recognitions
  • a listing of all college and university courses taken. (You will need a copy of all of your transcripts to do this.)
  • contact information for three references (OTCAS will contact your references and provide them with a link to complete the recommendation form online.)
  • a personal statement that describes:
    • why you are selecting OT as a career
    • how a master's degree in OT relates to your immediate and long-term professional goals
    • how your personal, educational, and professional background will help you achieve your goals
    • description of the minimum of 30 hours of observation with an OT or OTA practitioner. (You will need facility name, address, OT full name, email address, phone number, type of experience, setting and start and end dates.)

All application materials must be submitted to OTCAS by the application deadline of December 1st. If you have applied to the VCU OT program previously you will need to reapply through OTCAS and VCU Graduate Admissions. Each year is a new application cycle and only limited information is available from previous submissions. Prior year re-applicants should select the "Re-Apply to OTCAS" (large blue button) located to the upper left of the OTCAS homepage to update data accordingly. This will allow you to keep your verified transcripts but not all information. Be sure to review the entire contents of your application for accuracy prior to submission.

It takes some time to complete the online application form. We suggest that you begin the application during the summer or early fall. Information can be entered into the application pages over time allowing you to build the application gradually until it is complete. You do not need to pay any fees until the application is complete and you are ready to submit it. Once your application is submitted it will be marked as "received." It will take some time for OTCAS to verify your electronic transcript based upon the transcripts that you have had sent to them from all of the colleges and/or universities that you have attended. The Graduate Admissions Committee will only review applications that have been "verified" by OTCAS and for which the VCU Graduate School has received a complete application and official GRE scores. The cost of OTCAS is $125 for the application to the first program and $45 for each subsequent program.

Please see OTCAS FAQ's for more specific information regarding the OTCAS application process:

In addition to the required components of the OTCAS application, VCU also requires all applicants to:

  • Report Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores to VCU by directing the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to send an official copy of the GRE scores to VCU. The VCU ETS Institutional Code is 5570.
  • Complete the online VCU Graduate Admissions Application and pay the VCU Graduate Admissions application fee of $50.00. The VCU Graduate Admissions Application can be accessed at:
  • Complete a second required essay. The Value-Added Essay is specifically for the VCU OT Graduate Admissions Committee and is a single page (maximum of 600 words). It should be emailed to (See