Virginia Commonwealth University

VCU Graduate Admissions Application Process

All applicants must complete a VCU Graduate Admissions Application in addition to the OTCAS Application. This application can be accessed at:

The VCU Graduate application is a secondary application that is required for reporting numerical and demographic data to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) on applications and acceptances to VCU. It also enters all applicants in the VCU database and assigns them a V number.  

 For the VCU Graduate Application OT applicants need to: 

 Create an account
Write down and save the PIN emailed to them

Applicants to the MSOT program because they complete the full OTCAS application as their primary application, ONLY have to complete the information on the VCU Graduate Admissions Application that is required, which is designated by a red asterisk *

 This includes:

First and last name (Middle name is optional but if an applicant has a common last name it can be useful to have)
Other last name is not required but should be entered if any transcripts have a different last name, such as in cases of marriage and/or divorce
Nation of Birth - This is not marked as required but the application does not let you save and continue without it.
Country of Citizenship
US citizen or Status of permanent resident, refugee, or asylee
Do you wish to apply for Virginia resident tuition rates (This will add a navigation link to the Residency for Tuition Purposes form.)
Date of birth
E-mail address recorded twice to prevent an error
SSN is not required but it is needed if planning to use financial aid
Neither Ethnicity nor Race is required but can be beneficial for special programs and scholarships
US Armed Services
Will you use your service benefits? (Not required but helpful for veterans and dependents with benefits)


Permanent address - Yes
Street address
If indicated Virginia resident then County residency is required
A different mailing address is optional


This is a long form but it is very important at the time of application. 
Current address and any former addresses within the last 2 years
Dependency Information
Domicile Information
Military Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Current and Former Address Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Tax Information
Spouse/Parent/Legal Guardian Military Information


Summer 2015


No GPAs need to be reported
Select Look Up and type in the full name of the state, e.g., Virginia, in the text box that opens, where your primary college or university is located. That will provide you with a list of colleges and universities in that state. Locate the school where you received or will receive your bachelor's degree. Once you make the selection it will autofill the information. 

Unlike OTCAS which requires transcripts from ALL colleges and universities that you have attended including community colleges for the purposes of calculating an overall GPA, for the VCU Graduate Admissions application just select the school that awarded or will award your bachelor's degree. If you earned a Masters degree you can also enter that college or university.

Indicate no on the question that asks "Did you attend another institution?" or it will unnecessarily require you to select other schools.

No transcripts need to be uploaded!


Nothing in this section is required but if the applicant has their copy of their GRE scores from ETS they can be uploaded. 


Add a provider

Enter their first and last name and email
Waive the right to see the recommendation - Check Yes or No
"Will this provider be submitting this recommendation online/" -Check No and no request will be sent from VCU for a recommendation
Enter three names


Check that you have completed all REQUIRED information

Pay your $65.00 fee

Send any questions to:

Follow this application information with the information at the end of the current page.

All applicants must submit official GRE scores to VCU. Although you report your Verbal, Quantitative, and Writing GRE scores as part of the OTCAS application, these scores are self-reports and must be verified by VCU. You must have the Educational Testing Service (ETS) send an official score report, current within the last 5 years, directly to VCU by the December 1st application deadline. The ETS Institutional Code for VCU is 5570. The GRE is produced by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and administered at hundreds of test center locations around the country. Computer-based testing is available at PrometricTM Testing Centers and at some colleges and universities. Many Prometric Testing Centers are located inside Sylvan Learning Centers. There are ten centers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The GRE is now scored on a scale ranging from 130-170 in one point increments compared with the previous GRE scoring (prior to August 2011) when scores range from 200-800 in 10 point increments. Regardless of whether applicants take the test before or after August 2011, the percentile scores will be used in the application review process. Official ETS scores must be received by the University no later than January 1 for consideration.

In Summary

ALL applicants must complete the four following steps before the VCU Entry-level Graduate Admissions Committee will begin the review of your application.

  • A complete OTCAS application with reported coursework verified by OTCAS from official transcripts sent directly to them
  • A complete VCU Graduate Admissions Application and paid the VCU application fee
  • Submitted the Value Added Essay as a Portable Document File (PDF) attachment to an email sent to
  • An official GRE report on file at VCU

Applicants with outstanding application scores are notified of acceptance as soon as their application is reviewed and scored. The Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee, Dr. Dianne Simons, will send the initial acceptance via email through the OTCAS email system. Additional emails will follow from the Director of Graduate Admissions through OTCAS after the acceptance has been processed by Graduate Admissions. A formal letter of acceptance will be sent from Graduate Admissions at a later date, but that process can take a number of weeks.

The goal of the Entry-level OT Graduate Admissions Committee is to notify all applicants of their acceptance as early as possible and by April 1, at the latest. A waiting list is created when the class has been filled. An offer of admission can be made any time between April 1 and the day that Orientation starts. Applicants are kept apprised of their ranking on the waiting list throughout this time.