The Graduate Certificate Program requires completion of 27 hours of study according to one of the established curricula.

The Master of Science in Patient Counseling requires completion of 44 hours of study according to one of the established curricula.

The Doctoral (Ph.D.) Program in Health Related Sciences will provide experienced health professionals with advanced knowledge and skills so that they may assume positions in teaching, research and administration upon graduation

The department and its curricular options are described in detail in the VCU Graduate and Professional Bulletin.

Residency application Information and admission guidelines are described in Clinical Pastoral Education Options.

Application for residency follows the standard admission process outlined for Master of Science degree to
academic programs. In addition, required materials include: a statement of professional goals, evidence of clinical
functioning in the form of two verbatims, all supervisorsĀ“ evaluations and studentĀ“s self-evaluations from previous
ACPE CPE units. Residency is restricted to persons who have completed one unit of ACPE CPE and two years of
formal theological education, or one unit of ACPE CPE, a graduate degree in a health related field, and evidence of
previous theological education. An on-site interview is required for all resident candidates.