Publications 2012-2013
Department of Patient Counseling
Virginia Commonwealth University/VCU Health System


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Presentations at National Meetings:

“Introducing Research in Level II Programs of CPE”,  Alexander Tartaglia, George Fitchett, Diane Dodd-McCue, Patricia Murphy, Paul Derrickson, 2013 ACPE Conference, Indianapolis, IN.

Funded Research:

Diane Dodd-McCue and Lex Tartaglia , along with Dianne Simons, OT, and Emily Hill, CLS, received funding from the SAHP to develop  Core AHP APP, a mobile training device on professionalism for use in the School of Allied Health Professions.

Ken Faulkner and Diane Dodd-McCue are among the faculty of the SAHP Doctoral Program in Health Related Sciences funded to participate in a project on screencast mini-lectures.